Let them eat (vegan) cake!

Vegan baking.  For those not in the know it can sound like an oxymoron. Surely, you can’t have a proper cake without eggs, milk and butter?  However with a few minor substitutions and big dollops of the good stuff like chocolate, coffee, bananas and other great flavours, you can create scrumptious goodies bound to fool even the most jaded sceptic. (The cake pictured above is a vegan Mocha Cake)

Don’t believe me? Just look at Chloe Coscarelli, a chef specialising in vegan treats, who won last year’s excellent cooking show, ‘Cupcake Wars.’

Speaking of things that are excellent and cupcakes, if you’ve ever wanted to try some vegan baking for yourself then you really should pick up, ‘Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World,’ a fantastic cook book by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero.  It’s great for home bakers and I can’t recommend it enough. Here's some Banana Split Cupcakes we made from the book.
You see the real truth is that vegan cakes can not only be full of things that are good for you but they’re also very yummy.  In fact there are a lot of benefits to vegan baking. Those ‘substitutions’ like soy milk, oil even black beans, tamari and vinegar allow you to create some truly unique cakes with distinctive flavours. On top of this, vegan baked goodies can be much lower in fat and thus calories so they’re a perfect treat whether you’re trying to shed a few pounds or simply want to keep in shape.

Also did I mention the health benefits? We’d be here all day if I was to list each one, and I’d have some very tired fingers if I tried, but in a nut shell if you were to trade in your traditional baked goods for vegan, you’d  have a good chance to lower your cholesterol (reducing heart disease), increase your energy and hopefully, live a longer life!

Another benefit to these ‘hippy treats’ is that the lactose intolerant, people who struggle to digest dairy products can enjoy them.  Northern Europeans have the highest tolerance for lactose in the world but still 5%, or 1 in 20, are taking a risk every time they bite down on a buttery crumbly cookie.  Interestingly, that number spikes massively for non-Northern Europeans with as many as 90%+ of Africans and South Asians being allergic to dairy, definitely a useful thing to remember if you’re baking for an ethnically diverse group.

As you can see there are benefits for baking the vegan way but don’t just take our word for it. Come to our stall at the next farmer’s market and let us open your eyes and taste buds to the many wonderful vegan goodies we made just for you!


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