Cakes, Cupcakes and Brownies for Corporates

We specialise in baking for corporates, and our clients include some of the UK's most respected companies. We are able to provide branded cupcakes, brownies and flapjacks, as well as design cakes to suit any event and budget. From individual cupcake giftboxes to promotional events and campaigns that require hundreds of bespoke cupcakes.

Our range of cupcakes and brownies, all hand decorated with a variety of mouth-watering toppings, will set your company apart from the competition.

We hand deliver locally and all over London. 

Whether you are having a store opening, product launch, press day or sales meeting, we can make that event even more exciting with our custom designed cakes, cupcakes and brownies.

Printed Logos

Printed logos and images can be combined with sprinkles and glitter to create an exciting and distinctive cupcake.

In house printing

Our edible discs are printed with vegetable-based inks on wafer-thin sugar paper, which we then hand mount onto sugarpaste discs to ensure stand out.

Flag Cupcakes

Branded flags are a creative alternative to edible discs on cupcakes, particularly when sending by post.

Colour co-ordinated

We can colour-match the icing to your logo, and have a range of coloured cupcake cases to chose from.

Bespoke Baking

We love unusual projects and will always help where possible. We will even bake to your specific recipe or with your branded ingredients if the campaign requires it.

Flexibility and Creativity

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and attention to detail, no matter how small or complex the order. We offer a bespoke range ofpackaging and decorative options to suit all budgets.

Personalised gifts

Giftboxes can be personalised with giftcards and labels, or even the cupcakes themselves.

Mini cupcake bites to Giant cupcakes

Our range of cupcakes is flexible and creative to suit every budget, from mini cupcake bites to Giant Cupcake cakes.

Individual packaging

Individually boxed cupcakes make perfect hand-outs for press and promotional events, especially with printed logos on each cake.

Delivery and Logistics

Every step in a corporate order is important, from decoration to delivery. We provide a complete service including multi-drop deliveries across London.

Low food miles and reusable packaging

We keep our food miles low by using local producers, and minimise waste by using reusable delivery boxes together with biodegradable and compostable packaging.  


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