Please see a list of producers below. We think it's important to know where your produce comes from, as well as who you are supporting.

Thank you so much for your support in these testing times! 

Milk: Whiteheath Farm in Harefield

Eggs: Woodfield Farm in Cambridgeshire

Cheese: Wobbly Bottom Farm in Hertfordshire

Bread: Flour Station in Hendon

Baked goods: Miriam’s Munchies!

Flour: Shipton Mill

Tea: Birchall Tea

Coffee: Monmouth Coffee in Bermondsey

Juice: Perry Court Farm in Kent

Chutney, marmalade and jam: Parsons Preserves in Ealing

Chilli sauces: Fat Man Chilli in Harrow /

Lomito sauces: in Northwood

Hot chocolate: Copperhouse in Islington -

Honey: Middlesex Honey from Harrow beekeeper Brian

Cards: Western Sketch, former Harrow resident


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