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The Green Teas are single origin, sourced from China, where the very best teas of this variety are to be found.  A traditional Mao Feng is used for Birchall Green Tea to deliver a uniquely smooth and fragrant taste.  This full flavoured, aromatic green tea is a plentiful source of anti-oxidants, which are known for their cleansing and detoxifying qualities and contains less caffeine than black tea.

The plastic-free Prism™ Tea Bags release the full flavour of loose-leaf tea. The distinct shape of the Prism Tea Bags and their unique biodegradable mesh netting allow for the purest infusion.

Box of 15 teabags

Available for collection only

Green Tea 

Its dark green leaves brighten when infused to produce a shimmering, clear, yellow colour with an initial smoothness, which evolves into the more complex, fragrant notes that characterise Mao Feng. 

 Green Tea & Peach

A traditional green tea, blended with real fruit pieces and marigold flowers.   Once steeped in hot water, the vibrant green leaves unfurl to produce a rich, deep yellow infusion with a sweet fruity fragrance that is smooth, light and rounded with delicate floral notes.

Jasmine Tea Pearls 

Jasmine Tea Pearls combine the mild sweetness of green tea with the soft floral notes of jasmine flowers. In our pursuit of quality we have expertly sourced these exquisite jasmine pearls from China’s Fujian province, where the finest examples of this classic green tea are harvested each year.

Upon picking, tender green tea leaves are carefully rolled into silvery pearls and then elaborately infused with the natural scent of fragrant jasmine blossoms. Once steeped, these delicate pearl-shaped treasures unfurl to release the intoxicating fragrance of jasmine and a pale, light bodied liquor that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

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