Organic Self-raising White Flour

Shipton Mill



Home baking with the flour we use at Miriam's Munchies. Blended with a specially selected slow acting raising agent, this flour delivers best results when baking cakes or crumpets as the raising agent begins to work as soon as water is added - do not leave too long before baking!

Shipton Mill use traditional grains that have not been over hybridised or enhanced, and so the quality of the grain and its suitability for more traditional uses is ideal.  This traditional organic white flour, uses a rare variety of wheat called Maris Widgeon. Traditionally used for thatching because of the long stems on which the heritage wheat varieties bear their grain, it is well suited to the organic system of sustainable farming.

1kg - packed at Miriam's Munchies

Available for collection only.

Allergens: contains wheat gluten. May contain traces of other other cereals containing gluten.

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