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Our local chilli grower Paul, in Harrow makes deliciously different chilli sauces from his own home-grown chillies. They are home made in small batches, free from artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives.

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Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free.
Allergens: may contain mustard

Chilli and Cranberry

This mild sauce has a sweet and sour taste that compliments stir frys adding an oriental flavour. Try it with duck, lamb, venison, mackerel, pak choi, rice noodles or bean sprouts and, of course, with turkey.

Green Chilli

Three different varieties of chilli are used alongside green peppers and a subtle blend of fresh herbs and spices. With citrus undertones this salsa styled sauce has a zingy fresh taste that livens up any food. Particularly good with grilled chicken, lamb and fish this sauce is a real must for the barbecue. With a variety of uses Salsa Verde also makes a stunning dip or marinade. With a finishing flourish of apple sours, lime and coriander leaf the salsa is a welcome addition to  a dressing for salad.

Hot Lemon 

Medium heat, refreshing sauce with a great lemon flavour. Features the rare Aji Lemon chilli, mango, coriander and Limoncello. This sauce has won numerous awards at chilli festivals up and down the country. Try it with fish, chicken or seafood or simply stirred into rice or couscous.

Smokestack - SOLD OUT

A medium heat red chilli sauce that is full of aromatic flavour. A combination of chillies are used in this salsa-style sauce alongside fresh ginger, smoked paprika and garlic and a secret combination of spices including coriander, cumin and black pepper. This sauce is very versatile and can be used as a smokey ketchup or equally well as a marinade, spicy dip for chips or even added to your own cooked sauces. Try stirring into spaghetti bolognese for a delicious smokey taste. Finished with fresh coriander leaf and a splash of Tequila Smoke Stack Lightnin' will add a Latin style wherever it is used.

Numero Uno 

A really rich and full flavoured hot sauce. Habenero chillies combined with fresh garlic and a secret blend of spices create this unique "Caribbean style" sauce. Not for the faint hearted this is a full on chilli hit that lets you know its there with a deep satisfying burn. Excellent as a sauce in it's own right Numero Uno can also be added to chilli con carne or curries and stews to liven things up with a super spicy blast! The sauce is finished with Bajian Rum to enhance that Caribbean taste.


Now things are getting serious. This is our hottest sauce and has a high percentage of the super hot Scotch Bonnet chilli at its heart. Spices and mustard are blended together to craft this super spicy masterpiece of mind blowing heat. Super hot but not without flavour, Scorchio is recommended for the experienced chilli aficionado who knows that they can take it!

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free.

Allergens: contains mustard

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