Organic Spelt Flour

Shipton Mill


1kg bag

Spelt may be of interest to some people who have wheat intolerance. It is naturally lower in gluten than modern wheat.   Spelt is an ancient grain closely related to Emmer. The origins of spelt can be traced to Neolithic times between 6000 – 5000BC. Whilst it is an ancient grain, spelt is a relative newcomer to modern baking, Spelt is becoming increasingly popular and makes a really delicious loaf of bread, not to mention cakes and biscuits.

Shipton Mill use traditional grains that have not been over hybridised or enhanced, and so the quality of the grain and its suitability for more traditional uses is ideal. 

Like wheat, spelt contains some gluten and so produces good bread which people prize for its flavour and its natural richness of minerals.  Spelt Flour produces a wonderful nutty flavoured white bread and can be used as an all purpose flour for pastries, cakes and sauces.

1kg  Organic White bags - packed at Miriam's Munchies

1kg Wholemeal bags - packed at Shipton Mill

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Allergens: contains gluten. May contain traces of other other cereals containing gluten.

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