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Monmouth single estate coffee available either as beans, ready to grind at home in 250g or 500g bags, or, if you prefer the coffee ready ground we have 250g bags, for either making pour-over/filter or cafetiere.

Our current single estate is a  Brazilian coffee

Flavour notes:

Fazenda Santa Ines: Cocoa and caramel with subtle acidity and full body - dark roast

Santa Inês is part of the Sertão Group and in addition to its 75 hectares of coffee it has 140 hectares of native forest and grazing for their Girolando cattle. Francisco Isidro Dias Pereira has five cultivars of coffee planted on the farm: Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Yellow Catuaí, Acaiá and Mundo Novo. Monmouth chose the Yellow Bourbon for its sweetness and toasty flavours. This shipment has been processed using the Pulped Natural Process, during which the cherry skin and fruit are removed and the sticky parchment-covered beans are left to dry naturally. The final stage is the removal of the dried parchment before the coffee is graded, bagged and shipped to the UK.  

 Please see for photos and videos about how they are preparing for the coming crop and organising for COVID-19

We work with Monmouth who source and roast coffee from single farms, estates and cooperatives. They establish a relationship with the grower and exporter of that coffee so that quality, quantity and price requirements can be discussed in an open and equal way. We see this as sustainable, fair and equal trade.

Apologies, we are unable to accept special orders or substitutions.

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