Organic Khorasan Flour

Shipton Mill



Some people with intolerances to modern wheat varieties have found they can enjoy products made with Khorasan flour. Named after the Khorasan region of Northern Iran, this flour is produced from an ancient variety of Durum wheat named ‘Khorasan’. These wheats are the descendants of Emmer and have been traditionally cultivated over the centuries in subsistence farming systems in the Near East and Central Asia- Khorasan wheat is ideally suited to organic farming practices being a tall variety which is naturally resistant to fungal attack. In keeping with these ancient traditions, Shipton Mill gently stone grind the Khorasan wheat to produce a wholemeal flour suitable for Breads and Pastas. 


Maximum one per order.
Allergens: contains wheat gluten. May contain traces of other other cereals containing gluten.

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