Organic Decaffeinated Shakisso




Monmouth Coffee chose this small lot of decaffeinated Shakisso to see them through until the new crop from El Pastoral that arrives later this year. The decaffeination process uses liquid carbon dioxide and water to extract the caffeine from the coffee. This is a particularly effective process, utilising liquid carbon dioxide and pressure, which enables low temperatures to be used. These factors help retain the original flavour profile of the coffee. 

Shakisso is owned by Haile Gebre who after almost forty years working in coffee cooperatives, established Shakisso in 2005. The farm has 640 hectares planted with coffee and the fields are littered with holes where gold mining has taken place over many years. Haile keeps a mountain of coffee pulp from each crop. He keeps it for a year to break down, turning it periodically until it is rich from the worms and microbe activity. It is then spread out on the farm, a nutritious and beneficial compost.

Tasting notes: Molasses and caramelised citrus with soft acidity and medium body - medium to dark roast.

We work with Monmouth who source and roast coffee from single farms, estates and cooperatives. They establish a relationship with the grower and exporter of that coffee so that quality, quantity and price requirements can be discussed in an open and equal way. We see this as sustainable, fair and equal trade.

Available for collection only.

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